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The quality of Armenian fruits and vegetables

Located in favorable climate zone, Armenia provides its inhabitants with natural products - juicy fruits and various vegetables. Filled with the Sun, the eco-friendly and natural products are known in Armenia and abroad too.

Armenia is rich with apricot, peach and other fruits, especially marmalades and jams made of this fruits are famous.

"Sam-Har", one of the largest manufacturers in Armenia, offers a wide range of canned products. The quality of the production is controlled from the very beginning: receiving raw materials to the process of canning. The raw materials go through 2 stages of selection: receiving and processing. The whole production is subject to sale at least in 15 days after the release and the corresponding research.

Export of products from Armenia to other countries


The company "Sam-Har" exports its production from Armenia to foreign countries: USA, Bulgaria, Georgia, etc. All the products are exported without any exception: water, lemonade, compotes, marmalades and jams, canned vegetables and others.


Wholesale of canned food in Armenia


Taking into account the great demand, "Sam-Har" offers wholesaling of canned food in Armenia, as well as abroad, giving its consumers products, which meet the international standards.

Production of natural juices in Armenia

Production of natural juices in Armenia

For the production of "Sipan" natural juices, only selected fruits and vegetables are used, which are grown both in Armenia or outside. They are made by specially designed recipe and technology, while the water of Armenia gives them a special taste.
The goal of "Sam-Har" company is to produce only high quality products, which will be widely consumed both in Armenia and abroad. Thanks to company's qualified and experienced professionals, natural juices of "Sipan" always have perfect taste and a high quality.

The production technologies of preserves

The production technologies of preserves

The important precondition for producing delicious preserves are fresh, safe and healthy raw materials. In its production, Sam-Har uses Armenia's sun-spiced agricultural products, while the processing of imported raw materials is always under the control of the company.