During its long term activity the company "Sam-Ar", the famous Armenian producer of canned food, has managed to win a successful and irreproachable reputation not only in the Republic of Armenia, but also in a number of foreign countries.

As one of the leading exporters of this sphere in Armenia, the company "Sam-Ar" offers to local and foreign consumers its diverse, ecologically clean products, which comply with the highest requirements and international standards (water, lemonade, compotes, preserves, jams, canned vegetables, etc.).

Currently, the company is successfully exporting the entire assortment of products to more than ten countries

   1. the United States of America,
   2. the Russian Federation,
   3. Kazakhstan,
   4. the Islamic Republic of Iran,
   5. the United Arab Emirates,
   6. Lithuania,
   7. Israel,
   8. Belgium ,
   9. Australia ,
   10. France

The products of the company "Sam-Ar" can be purchased in Armenia directly from the producer or the authorized representatives, both wholesale and retail.