"Sam-Har" LLC was established in 2002 and is known in the market as a "Sipan" brand, which was chosen as a sign of high quality and of its Armenian origin.

The motto of our company is “products, born from the Sun”, which obliges us to create the best quality, flavored with Armenian Sun.

Shortly after the production of carbonated soft drinks and mineral water, "Sam-Har" company challenged the leading companies in local market, presenting various assortments of fruit compotes, jams, canned food, which are highly appreciated both by Armenian and foreign consumers.

Being the ambassador of Armenia’s taste in abroad "Sam-Har" is truly proud of its range of products (tinned food compotes, jams, natural juices, organic canned food, lemonades, marinades, fruit purees and mineral water) whose unique taste and color palette suit the best for each ceremony. 

2016 was a revolutionary year for “Sam-Har”: the company received an international certificate and started the production of organic fruit preserves, this time also leaving its competitors behind.

Not being satisfied with the passed way, full of achievements,  the company in 2017, “Sam-Har” launched the production of pure fruit purees, which are widely used as a raw material in the production of pastry, baby food and natural juices.

In 2018 also, the company surprises its customers. Highly appreciating their preference, taste and soft palate, "Sam-Har"presents its consumers with a wide range of canned meat food with metal ingots and national dishes.

We love our customers, and every day, we strive to be worthy of their choice, giving our love and  warmth of the sun in each of our product.