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Homemade canned food is dangerous
At home conditions and wrong canned food can cause serious health problems, sometimes even a fatal disease called botulism. In order to avoid poisoning, and in particular botulism Ministry of Health of RA advises avoiding making and using homemade canned food and use solely canned food in factory conditions.


According to the WHO (World Health Organization) botulism is a serious, potentially fatal, but rare disease. This disease is usually caused by highly active neurotoxins in contaminated canned food. The symptoms usually appear within 12-36 hours after the exposure (at least 4 hours, maximum 8 days). The initial symptoms are strong tiredness, weakness and dizziness, after which usually followed blurred vision, dryness of mouth, the difficulty of swallowing and talking. Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and bloating may occur, along with the development of the disease, weakening of various parts of the body. Eventually, the paralysis of the body can lead to the difficulties of breathing and shortness of breath. By the way, during botulism, the temperature of the body is not rising, and there is no loose of consciousness. Botulism is rare, but the mortality rate is high if the patient isn’t correctly diagnosed and the treatment process is not started quickly. The disease can be fatal in 5-10% of cases.


Prevention of this terrible disease is based on the correct practice of canning. Botulism can be prevented by the inactivation of bacterial spores by sterilization, boiling (such as autoclave) or only in an industrial environment that prevents the growth and development of bacteria. For sure, the above mentioned is not possible to do at home. Canned food often does not meet safety requirements, it is not possible to provide a thorough cleaning of food and therefore their safety is not guaranteed. Based on all these, to avoid botulism the Ministry of Health urges the population to refrain from the consuming homemade canned food and to give preference for canned industrial production. We would like to inform that all types of canned food of Sipan brand have guaranteed high-quality, are made with the latest generation of technologies and equipment, which excludes the poisoning and other health issues.