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  • Production and processing of vegetables in 2021, Armenia

Production and processing of vegetables in 2021, Armenia
Armenia is a sunny country famous for its abundance of vegetables. Vegetables in Armenia are consumed both raw and canned, pickled and dried. An Armenian feast is unthinkable without all kinds of vegetables: eggplants, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, corn, onions and potatoes and much more. Many vegetables in Armenia are exported to various regions of the world.

Canned vegetables

Due to the wide variety of vegetables, in Armenia, many vegetables are preserved in order to replenish the supply of vitamins in winter.
Among the popular types of canned vegetables, the most popular are:
    • Eggplant caviar
    • Pickled red peppers
    • Lecho
    • Imambayaldy
    • Pickles from various types of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, etc.)
    • Canned corn, green peas, etc.
Canned vegetable products can be single-component and multi-component, such as lecho, which includes tomatoes and bell peppers.

Production and vegetable processing

In our modern world, the vegetable processing is day after day becoming more and more profitable, because it has a lot of advantages. In our busy schedule, the consumer most often gives preference to semi-finished products that are not inferior in quality to finished products and some of them even surpass them.
Processing of vegetable raw materials is divided into stages:
    Primary processing, which includes a washed and packaged product, fully prepared for further technological stages.
    Recyclable: cleaning, slicing and packaging of individual products.
    Deep processing, which includes cooking, drying, freezing and the canning process itself.
It is no secret that canned vegetables are popular all over the world. Canned food prepared at the "Sipan" factory is made exclusively from ecologically pure products grown in Armenia. The plant is equipped with all the technologies necessary for the production of canned products, which make the products even safer, while maintaining an unsurpassed taste and aroma. Here you will find a rich assortment of canned vegetables.