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National dishes,, The Warmth of Family,, Preserved food from Being faithful to its roots and good reputation, "Sam-Har" company is expanding its range of preserved products of delicious and very interesting national dishes.  Together with “Ecofood Russia”, "Sam-Har" company presents its customers with dishes made only by local raw material. The popular dishes of Armenian, Georgian and other cuisines will be sold in metal containers of 1 unit filling our days with warmth and love. Along with the production of national dishes, the company also produces meat and fish preserves with the highest international quality and standards. According to company’s founding director Robert Manukyan, one of the goals of such an initiative is the propaganda and popularization of national dishes. So, there is no need to spend time cooking khash, harissa and other dishes, just find your favorite dish in a wide collection of "Sipan" products. "Sam-Har" company, the Ambassador of Armenia’s taste, now is entering the European market with the right to compete and win in a good competition. Coming from a small country, which doesn’t have a sea transit, our "Sipan" with its steadfast and unwavering spirit, proves that the uniqueness and great things know neither boundaries, nor countries, and this is a wonderful opportunity to be proud of national identity.

Winners’ Schools’ pupils at Sam-Har company

Winners' Schools' pupils at Sam-Har company

The pupils of the Winners' School visited the company "Sam-HAr".
We gladly acquainted them with the process of production of compotes, canned food and other products of Sipan from processing raw materials to exporting and answered all the questions.

Natural drinking water

Natural drinking water

"Sam-Har" company offers its consumers natural drinking water "Sipan". The spring water of the Makravan source in our factory passes to multilevel and careful filtration, and while preserving the natural mineral composition, is enriched by vital microorganisms.

Sunny Assortment of Fruit Purees from SAM-HAR company

Sunny Assortment of Fruit Purees from SAM-HAR company

"Sam-Har" Company offers its consumers high quality Fruit Purees made of pomegranate, peach and apricot, which maintain their unique taste and usefulness due to the newest technology used in the production.


"Sipan" attended the exhibition in Tehran.

"Sipan" blackberry compotes included in the list of top 4 best products

"Sipan" blackberry compotes included in the list of top 4 best products

On April 17-18 "Sam-Har" LLC, among 4 Armenian manufacturers, introduced its organic compotes, natural juices and preserved jams of "Sipan" trademark in annual prestigious expo Natural & Organic Products Europe, London.

Sipan at Europe’s famous natural product show

Sipan at Europe's famous natural product show

Natural & Organic Products Europe, biggest trade show for natural products, will take place on April 17-18, and this year Armenia will participate with a separate pavilion, introducing 4 producing companies: one of them is "Sam-Har" LLC. 

New organic product range from

New organic product range from

There is no longer need to spend time on the preparation of homemade compotes. One can enjoy the freshness of summer fruits all year round.


"Sam-Har" company participated in the "Made in Armenia EXPO 2015" exhibition in April 26-28, 2015 with its "Sipan" brand.


The selection is diverse, and includes both the tropical and armenian fruit made juices.

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