The company "SAM-HAR", with its "Sipan" trademark, is one of the famous natural juice producers in Armenia. As it is known, in order to maintain good vitality, vivacity and wonderful health the human body needs vitamins, minerals and other beneficial trace elements, which abound in natural and ecologically pure Armenian juices.

Lemon juice 275 ml wholesale from Armenia | Sipan

Due to its miraculous properties, lemon juice is used not only in medicine, in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics. It is a natural source of vitamins C, B, A, and E, it is rich in minerals, trace elements such as magnesium, sodium, and chlorine. In addition, lemon juice is also a great way to boost immunity. It fights the symptoms of diseases, has a warming effect. Lemon juice is effective in various throat diseases, asthma, as well as dry or wet cough. It is also used for teeth whitening and disinfection of the oral cavity.

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